This collection was put together by members of SUNY Geneseo’s English 340 course, Literary Study in the Digital Age over three different semesters. Each group of students spent the semester studying, among other things, Thoreau’s "Walden," the intersection of literature and technology, and the future of literature in this digital age. Students researched the life of Walter Harding using the archives at SUNY Geneseo's Milne Library, familiarized themselves with his life and works, and wrote and designed this website. Each semester's group of students worked to create their own unique exhibit within the Walter Harding Archive. 

 Within the Universe of Digital Thoreau, this archive serves to provide broad electronic access to interesting and informative Thoreau scholarship, and help readers of Walden read the text in new and deliberate ways. 

  • Students: John Cronin, Cailin Kowalewski, Madison McNiffe, Ashley Olin, Mariah Ruf, Ross Soloff, Justin Turner, Meagan Turner, Katherine Woods, Kathryn Bockino, Kevin P. Feeley, Corinne Green, Angeliki Ellie Laloudakis, Danielle Pesin, Emma Wang, Casey Vincelette, Melanie Weissman, Julia Kinel, Kelly Langer, and Emily Peterson
  • Faculty: Dr. Paul Schacht, Liz Argentieri