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Walter Harding's Early Interest in Thoreau

"As I started reading, I said to myself, 'I'm home at last, I'm home at last." 

                                                                              —Dr. Harding

This collection provides a more personal look into Harding's interest in the works of Henry David Thoreau. Included in this collection are several articles written by Harding himself describing how he first came to know and study Thoreau. In each of these articles, Harding's absolute enthusiasm for Thoreau radiates through the text. He provides interesting anecdotes about first encountering Thoreau in high school and the first copy of Walden he ever owned. 

I Discover Thoreau I Discover Thoreau Part 2

Inspired by the writings of other Thoreauvian scholars, Harding recounts the start of his own interest in Thoreau in this edition of the Thoreau Society Bulletin. Harding first read Walden in college, even though he was interested in Thoreau years before due to an old high school English teacher.

Walter Harding's Early Interest in Thoreau