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Harding first SUNY faculty member to receive honorary degree nod.pdf
A school newspaper article announces that Dr. Harding will be the first SUNY professor to receive an honorary Doctor of Letters degree.

Harding will tell grads to 'live your own life'.pdf
A school newspaper article announces that at the upcoming graduation ceremony, Dr. Harding will be awarded with an honorary degree.

Dr. Walter Harding Receives Fellowship.png
Dr. Harding is the only SUNY professor to receive a fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies.

Geneseo Honors Dr. Harding.jpg
Geneseo hold a series of special events in Dr. Harding's honor.

Dedication of the Walter R. Harding Room.pdf
Room 111 of Welles Hall is declared the Walter R. Harding Room.

A University Professor Assesses Today's Student.pdf
In an interview, Dr. Harding discusses his opinions on students in the 1960's, particularly those from Geneseo.

Jimmy Carter's letter to Walter Harding about his love of Thoreau in Thoreau Society Bulletin Fall 1983

doc050115-05012015135001 (1).pdf
Walter Harding writes about his fifty years of editing the Thoreau Society Bulletin.

The second half of the "I Discover Thoreau" document. Harding address the question of if he ever gets tired of studying Thoreau.
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