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From the files of Walter Harding, this photograph depicts some of the founding members of the Thoreau Society, whom Harding was so fond of reminiscing on.

A glowing review by Walter Harding of "Dancers on the Shore", Kelley's second novel (which was a group of 16 short stories). It is partially due to Harding's enthusiastic reception of Kelley's work that he was able to lock him into a position at…

A photo of William Melvin Kelley in 2012

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A black and white photo of Jessica and Cira Kelley, William Melvin Kelley's two daughters, in Jamaica November 1974. This picture was posted to Jessica's instagram on April 11, 2019.

Kelley writes a friendly correspondence to Harding and discusses his thoughts on teaching at Geneseo.

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Professor Harding was a well-respected scholar who dedicated his life to seeing Thoreau's work gaining its due merit. This New York Times Obituary shows the extent of his hard-work and dedication.
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