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  • Collection: Walter Harding and William M Kelley

Kelley writes a friendly correspondence to Harding and discusses his thoughts on teaching at Geneseo.

A glowing review by Walter Harding of "Dancers on the Shore", Kelley's second novel (which was a group of 16 short stories). It is partially due to Harding's enthusiastic reception of Kelley's work that he was able to lock him into a position at…

Walter Harding and William Kelley together at some sort of public function. An unknown woman (possibly Harding's wife) stands between them.

Walter Harding.jpg
A picture of Professor Walter Harding in a canoe. He looks happy to be channeling Thoreau.

In this New York Times review, "A Drop of Patience" is called terse and vivid.

A letter from August 1965 in which Kelley writes to Harding about using him as a reference on a resume and sends back a key he forgot to return.

A full spread in the Yearbook depicting Kelley and his students in their classroom. On the second page is a brief description of what the class was like, along with a short speech by Kelley taken during one of his lectures.

A letter to an BOOK magazine in New York City from a Geneseo student about Kelley's time spent as an instructor. The letter goes into students' initial expectations about what Kelley would be like, what he was actually like, and his extremely popular…

Letter written by Professor Harding to Barbara McCusker, a former student, who had inquired about Kelley's current situation. Harding provides her with the insight that Kelley only stayed at the school for one semester, gives her the reasoning that…

Letter from Kelley to Harding informing Harding that he used his name as a reference to get a new job in New York City. He also returns the key to Houston House, a dwelling that he stayed at very briefly in Geneseo.
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