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Jimmy Carter's letter to Walter Harding about his love of Thoreau in Thoreau Society Bulletin Fall 1983

Concord Summer Seminars.pdf
What began as a summer course for Geneseo students became a wide-reaching retreat with many scholarly works stemming from the inspiration which Harding provided. The same drive which led him to found the Thoreau Society continued to drive other,…

An interesting contrast arises when this bulletin is compared to the first one, which had been published the previous year. There seems to be more direction and structure, and the activities of the Thoreau Society seem more clear. The evolution of…

The Thoreau Society- A History Part 1.pdf
In four parts, Harding reminisces on the roots of the Thoreau Society for the enjoyment and reflection of his fellow members. Inserted among other Thoreau-related items in the semiannual bulletin, this casual and personal reflection is a shortened…

Copy of Thoreau Society Bulletin-- Ghandi and Thoreau Pg. 1.jpg
Harding was highly involved in his role as secretary, and used the Thoreau Society Bulletin to talk about important contemporary events--such as the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi--through the lens of Thoreauvian thought.

Thoreau Society of America Cropped.jpg
The devoted work which Harding put into his homemade bulletins can now been seen in published volumes, courtesy of the Thoreau Society.

Thoreau Society Bulletin 150.pdf
A very condensed version of Harding's tale of the Thoreau Society's beginnings, this blurb appeared as the front page article in the 150th Thoreau Society Bulletin. It is a personal but brisk recollection from Harding's perspective, and is a summary…
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