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A photo of William Melvin Kelley in Paris from 1968. He is equipped with a bodacious pair of sunglasses and a hat.

A letter to an BOOK magazine in New York City from a Geneseo student about Kelley's time spent as an instructor. The letter goes into students' initial expectations about what Kelley would be like, what he was actually like, and his extremely popular…

In the beginning of this interview with Walter Harding, Jim Aton (a Geneseo student at the time) describes the various works of Harding related to Thoreau. He then goes on to explain the similarities between Harding and Thoreau while introducing the…

In part 2 of this interview, Aton asks Walter Harding some questions about how he began his career as a Thoreauvian. Harding describes his feeling of being "home at last" when he finally read Thoreau

In a paper that was published in the Diarists' Journal, Walter Harding speaks of his love and devotion to Thoreau and how it all started.

A University Professor Assesses Today's Student.pdf
In an interview, Dr. Harding discusses his opinions on students in the 1960's, particularly those from Geneseo.

Adventures In The Thoreau Trade Part 1.jpg
In this document, up until the line break on the second column of this page, Harding explains how he became obsessed with Henry David Thoreau in high school. He goes on to discuss his fascination with Thoreau and what has become of it.

The second half of the "I Discover Thoreau" document. Harding address the question of if he ever gets tired of studying Thoreau.

A Thoreau Collection (1).pdf
In the first part of this article, Walter Harding describes how he had a sudden "compulsion to read Thoreau". He put in a lot of time and effort in his studies of Thoreau and building this collection of documents about Thoreau. He later goes on to…

Inspired by the writings of other Thoreauvian scholars, Harding tells of the start of his own interest in Thoreau. Harding first read Walden in college, even though he was interested in Thoreau years before due to an old high school English teacher.
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