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An article written by Walter Harding documenting "an encyclopedia of Nonviolent Action to ACT UP and Women's suffrage.

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GENESEO, Sept. -- Dr. Walter Harding, chairman of the English Department at the state University College at Geneseo, has accepted an invitation from the U.S. State Department to visit Japanese universities Nov. 2-Dec.…

Dedication of the Walter R. Harding Room.pdf
Room 111 of Welles Hall is declared the Walter R. Harding Room.

A photograph of Walter Harding at Bridgewater State College in 1936

A photo of Harding from 1934 - just two years before he started studying at Bridgewater state college. This photo is from the same year that he first became interested in Thoreau after a high school English teacher recommended his work to Harding.

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Walter Harding finds a book review by Thoreau’s old professor, C. Felton. In this 14-page review, Felton mentions an old student, Thoreau, a scholar of talent, but claims that Thoreau was a man of such “pertinacious oddity... that his writings will…
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