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Adventures in the Thoreau Trade Part 2.jpg
Starting after the line break in the left column, Harding describes an incidence where his love of Thoreau lead him to learn even more about him in an unexpected circumstance.

A Thoreauvian in Japan 1:3 LD3840G48H37_1 001.jpg
In this document, Walter Harding documents his 7-week lecture tour of Japan. He notes that the Japanese have a strong affinity for the literary merit of Thoreau, and how the teachings of Zen Buddhism have a strong tie-in to the themes present in…

 thoreau society header LD3840G4I8H37_1 001 (2).jpg
The Thoreau Society decided to dedicate its Spring 1996 bulletin to Walter Harding since he recently passed away. It covers his work, contribution to the the Thoreau Society, and what they know will be his lasting influence on studying Walden.

Pays Tribute About Biography LD3840G418H37 001.jpg
In 1965 Geneseo's student run newspaper the Lamron decided to write about Walter Harding's life, accomplishments, many successes, and how the school is throwing him a reception for all of his hard work.

Award money LD 3840 G4I8 H37 002.jpg
The Research Foundation of the State University of New York granted Walter Harding $750 for continuing his work over the summer.

While Professor Harding was certainly respected for his scholarship globally, it was his contributions to academia at SUNY Geneseo which resonated the most. Students and faculty alike paid tribute to his life and his works after his death, and this…

In this New York Times review, "A Drop of Patience" is called terse and vivid.
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