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1952 top 10.jpg
As a Chicago Tribune reviewer, Walter Harding lists his top 10 favorite books of the year.

1953 Eintstein.jpg
Einstein commends Gandhi’s technique of civil disobedience, but upon inquiry from the Thoreau Society, Walter Harding discovers that Einstein had never read Thoreau.

1954 Foe 1.jpg
Walter Harding quotes a letter Thoreau wrote to Emerson in which Thoreau rejects a marriage proposal from Sophia Foord and states that he has no intention of ever marrying. The rest is a mini biography of Foord’s life.

1954 comic.jpg
Walter Harding reviews cartoons in the Saturday Evening Post, where he commends that the comics focus on homey little affairs that bring a laugh with little intellectual effort.  

1954 professor.jpg
Walter Harding finds a book review by Thoreau’s old professor, C. Felton. In this 14-page review, Felton mentions an old student, Thoreau, a scholar of talent, but claims that Thoreau was a man of such “pertinacious oddity... that his writings will…

Walter Harding writes to a paper to correct an editorial that Thoreau, not Gandhi, should be given credit for creating the idea of "Non-cooperation".

Walter Harding's defense for pacifist Pvt. Henry P. Weber who doesn’t believe in war.

1946 Negros 1.jpg
Walter Harding discusses Thoreau’s “one-man campaign for freedom” and his refusal to pay the poll tax to protest the expansion of slavery, which resulted in his overnight arrest. Includes Thoreau’s belief that it’ll take the strength of men, as…

1946 Defense.jpg
Walter Harding responds to an anti-Thoreau letter, using Thoreau’s reasons for going to Walden, Thoreau’s beliefs about technology and civilization, his beliefs on economy and physical goods, his individualism and philosophy, and the way that…

1948 Gandhi.jpg
Written by Walter Harding after Gandhi’s death on how Gandhi used Thoreau’s works to spread his own message in India.
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