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The devoted work which Harding put into his homemade bulletins can now been seen in published volumes, courtesy of the Thoreau Society.

An interesting contrast arises when this bulletin is compared to the first one, which had been published the previous year. There seems to be more direction and structure, and the activities of the Thoreau Society seem more clear. The evolution of…

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As a creation of the very early days of the Thoreau Society, this bulletin gives a fascinating glimpse into the process of the organization coming into being. At the time of this publication, the Thoreau Society was still in its formative stages, and…

In part 2 of this interview, Aton asks Walter Harding some questions about how he began his career as a Thoreauvian. Harding describes his feeling of being "home at last" when he finally read Thoreau

In the beginning of this interview with Walter Harding, Jim Aton (a Geneseo student at the time) describes the various works of Harding related to Thoreau. He then goes on to explain the similarities between Harding and Thoreau while introducing the…

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Dr, Harding, along with four other professors, is appointed to the position of Faculty Exchange Scholar of the State University of New York, a job that entails traveling to other college campuses to share knowledge.

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GENESEO, Sept. -- Dr. Walter Harding, chairman of the English Department at the state University College at Geneseo, has accepted an invitation from the U.S. State Department to visit Japanese universities Nov. 2-Dec.…

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The 1959-1960 English Department included (from left) Hans Gottschalk, Rosalind Fisher, James Scholes, Lucy Harmon, Walter Harding, Emanuel Mussman, Gerald Smith, Rose Bachem (later Alent), William Orwen, and J. Irene…

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By 1973, the College had three distinguished professors (from left): University Professor Walter Harding (English) and Distinguished Teaching Professors Richard F. Smith (chemistry) and Robert "Duke" Sells (physics).

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A school newspaper article discusses Dr. Harding's history as a Thoreau scholar and announces a reception to commemorate his most recent publication and his hard work as a scholar and professor.
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