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Harding at Geneseo

Walter Harding remains one of SUNY Geneseo's most distinguished professors and decorated scholars. Appointed chairman of the English department in 1959, Harding was then appointed chairman of the Humanities division of SUNY Geneseo in 1965. In 1973, Harding was named a Distinguished Professor of English—the highest academic rank possible in the State University of New York. This collection of documents and photographs provide an overview of the work Harding did during his career at Geneseo, and the many honors he received.

The 1959-1960 English Department included Hans Gottschalk, Rosalind Fisher, James Scholes, Lucy Harmon, Walter Harding, Emanuel Mussman, Gerald Smith, Rose Bachem (later Alent), William Orwen, and J. Irene Smith.